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I'm not married but...

I'm not married but I am married to God...

There comes a time where you have to understand that you've just got to keep going, together. How can two walk together except they agree? Even if you have a disagreement or a misunderstanding will you stop? How can you desire to be committed to someone and not even be committed to God? Better yet, be committed to the will of God? I've got one even better, be committed to the word of God? Yes, his word that he places above himself.

Really think about this here. Paul said that he was a prisoner to God. He took his marriage, his relationship with God to a whole other level of commitment. He closed his eyes to his own will and committed to doing anything the Lord desired. Look at Abraham, who was ready to sacrifice his son Isaac. I mean, can you get to this level of commitment with God?

…Get to this level of commitment with God...

Walk With God.

Just keep going. No matter what it looks like just keep going together. Close your eyes to everything and everyone around you and keep moving!

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