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Seated at the table...

And there I was,

Glancing at the photo before me.

Taking in the glory of God

Of where he has placed me

Beholding his goodness upon me

His unmerited favor because of the seat he had positioned me

Seated, in the black of my skin

Seated, in the power of his might

Seated, by the feet of king Jesus

Seated, by the throne of grace

Seated, in the courts of my God

Seated, unqualified amongst the qualified

Seated, yet, STILL qualified

Seated, in the presence of my enemies

Seated, to the right hand of the father

Seated, in his mercies

Seated, in the will of the almighty

Seated, in all humility, low beneath his feet

Seated, above ONLY

Seated, in my gender, in my race

Seated, in the path of righteousness

Seated, in all my peculiar-ness

Seated, differently

Seated, above all that I could have ever asked or think

And there I was...

Seated at the table that thou has prepared before me...

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