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My Mercy: An Androsian Queen

This is one of my favorite photos of you because it expresses the woman that you are. My Androsian Queen, if I had an opportunity to tell you, I'll have you know, you exude excellence and set the perfect example for me. I honor God for him placing me in your careful and loving hands to care for and raise. My Grandmother affectionately called 'Grammy' who I now selfishly call 'my Mercy' was a woman of many things and in this photo, showed she was a woman of prayer. I pray that every prayer you prayed that God is still honoring.

My white/silver/purple head woman was a janitor at my primary school during my tenure, and she stayed with me and pushed herself selflessly until I graduated, ensuring the best for me while there. I'm forever grateful.

But this morning as I dressed and put on my heels preparing for work, the holy spirit reminded me, how even though she was a janitor, Grammy dressed in her good outfits and too wore heels, even if it was 2 inches high. When it came time for the tough work which I often helped her perform she would pull out her flats and get to work; if she didnt have them, she did it in her heels and her dresses. But it was done, and it was done in excellence. When Grammy retired, she had already reached the top of what would be considered the janitorial ladder having only the teachers lounge/staff room, and 2 classes of the entire school as her janitorial duties.

My prayer for you today is that you be encouraged to pursue excellence. I pray you are empowered with confidence to dress for the position you desire. Most importantly I pray, that YOU will pray and ask God for guidance and prepare you for your prepared places before fulfilling the desires of your heart.

May you be ready, and he not haste to perform diligently, in Jesus holy name.

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